Thoth Tarot, Crowley-Harris

Personal Philosophy:

If all is vibration, then with the appropriate sensory apparatus all could be heard as sound. Whether things are solid or invisible to us is dependent on its vibrational rate. From our human perspective (our ability to tune to certain frequencies, analogous to tuning a radio to a specific station a.k.a. bandwidth) certain frequencies appear nonphysical and others physical. Our thoughts and our words affect this nonphysical realm and depending on ones intention, attracts or repels creations into or out of ones physical world.

For me the Tarot is a symbolic language that translates information to us about what is coming or going between the physical and nonphysical realms. In the case of a reading, between oneself (physical) and what ones thoughts, emotions and words (nonphysical) are allowing or not allowing into physical existence. The Tarot is one of many tools for observing how we are creating our reality.

The Tarot is a way to reflect back to ourselves whether we are moving towards or away from our intentions. This goes along with the belief in “free will” in regards to questions about the future. The future position in a reading is but a potential. If all is frequency, then disharmony and the slew of thoughts and words that go along with it are but out of tune frequencies, such as being out of tune with ones environment, or, with ones own self. We know what this feels like. There is a lot “out of tune” in our world. Energy work, Body work, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, Palmistry, Tarot, Runes, I-ching, Medicine ceremonies, and countless other methods are all tools for affecting the non-physical prior to manifestation. These tools are available to us for healing and are more accessible then ever before. It is my intention with Tarot to support the validity of these types of healing modalities. It is my intention to help break apart the programming that tells us what is and isn’t possible and to help put ourselves, our families, our communities, our planet…..back in tune.

“A task; To become familiar with the dimension that is causing being, in order to be familiar with it at the moment of passing from this life.” –Terrance McKenna