Oracle of the Micropatterns


Oracle of the Micropatterns

I have released an oracle deck based on some of the information that has come through to me from the Tarot.

It is available NOW as of August 2017!!!

Ways to purchase the deck and book: (Not to be sold separately) The fee for both  is $30.

  • Go to the Paypal link at the bottom of this page. It will calculate in $5 for shipping. (Total=$35)  Orders will be shipped within 2 business days.
  • You may also purchase a copy at Invoke. 414 Se 81st in Portland, Oregon. They are one half block N. of SE Stark St in 81st.  Roscoe’s bar in on the corner of 81st.  (SE Stark is a one way going West at this location. please use SE Washington to loop around or get on 81st from Burnside.) The price at the store i$33
  • For those of you who are closer to the west side of town, New Renaissance Books is also carrying this deck!  1338 NW 23rd 97210 $30  (They are in the room with the Tarot cards on the bottom shelf) $30
  • Two other stores carrying “OotM” are Moonshadow at 3819 SE Belmont 97214 and also Inner Oasis 448 NE 3rd in McMinnville 97128 $30
  • I will have the deck with me for sale at all Tarot reading locations on my calendar!  Events not on the calendar yet are the 2018 Oregon ghost Conference and the 2018 NW Tarot Symposium! Price is $30
  • Email me:  This is for people I know personally or have had readings from me in the past.  I will accept a check and will mail you the copy after it clears. Please add $5 for shipping (total= $35)


For those of you that have had readings with me, I think you will find this book very useful.  Part 1 is about the philosophical and spiritual principles that I base the readings on. It is a great background for anyone pulling daily cards, whether they be Tarot or Oracle. Part 2 is the card definitions.  These are a science fiction/fantasy realms to go into to address your question and trigger inputs from your own guidance.

Part one of this book also deals with issues surrounding Forgiveness, Victim consciousness, Law of Attraction, Clearing Space, Entities and Gratitude.

Feedback from book readers!

  • “More, Please!  As an avid reading/learning (in 3D) with one foot always in the upper realms I always want more, higher… learning and awakening.   Your book and deck provide that along with massive thoughts, questions, curiosity, exploration – etc.  Your book (the first half) is a mini overall lesson in (your approach to) metaphysics over all.  How in the world did you manage to get it so clearly and concisely written.?   When I try to share, define, talk about any aspect of metaphysics I’m convinced that the English Language does not have the necessary words needed. Yet you’ve found them all.   One reason it took me so long to read this is b/c I’d read and then go back and reread, think about, question, read more, and so on.  Yesterday I the book and deck on the counter at Inner Oasis reading in bits and pieces.  People came, saw and asked.  We wound up reading a line or two and having a major discussion.. 4 of us.  What a neat tool for a class/discussion group.   Any one of the chapters could be the source of a class/discussion group….I love the card deck. the more I look the more I see.  I’m still doing readings for myself. Still exploring (with good questions, I hope).  Many of your sources are unfamiliar to me… It’s a whole new avenue of materials to explore and it gives you a different perspective in your writing.   You’ve done exactly what the best teachers do.. they do not preach, they do not tell, they pose a question and let the student explore (with guidance) and find their own answers.  I’m delighted, impressed… thrilled… more, please. ”   ~Joanne Atwood  (“Inner Oasis” in McMinnville, Or)
  • “The book was one of the meatiest works of metaphysics, composed in a language so many can grasp.
    Dig it!” ~Suki Reese (Hawaii)

This is a 44 card deck with photographic images of nature mirrored into patterns.

Image on the backs of each card

The Horned One

Tunnel Alter