WayShowers College

Wayshowers College is a school based in Spirituality

 I have been working with the tools offered here since  2011

For more information on this College please go to : http://www.alcworld.com/

Why I have a Wayshower’s link on a page of my Tarot site:

My interest in this College started when I wanted to confirm, with clarity, the source of the guidance that was coming through to me from the other side.  I already had  teachings from  many other schools of thought  around this subject and was confident I was getting clear guidance while doing readings, yet when it came to my personal situations there was always some confusion.  ALC was a great resource in clearing up this confusion on more levels than I can explain here.


How it works:

The College is structured with different departments and different courses under each department.  Currently I am working with the Astro Soul Department.

If you are interested in getting involved we have weekly group meetings where you can practice your spiritual skills.  So often we spend so much time learning things and do not remember to practice them in our daily life.  The group meetings function as a way to experience what you are learning and to apply what you know to your day to day reality.  Checking in once a week makes it easier to remember what you know, and to recall that information when you are faced with situations in life that throw you off your center.  Groups run at different levels of experience.  New Introductory Lectures (which proceed group meetings) happen 2 or 3 times a year.  With enough interest we can plan more.



Part of Wayshowers focus is teaching people to connect directly with their own guides.  (No need for readings anymore…lol..)  As you go through Wayshowers course work you get what is called “Profiles”.   These are done as assessments of your personal spiritual life.  As you receive them you learn more about yourself.  Some function as mile markers of  how you are progressing.  For example:  The Orientation Profile tells you how many guides you are working with in this life time.  There are others that talk about how you are using your Chakra System, and one about blockages caused by thought forms picked up in your early life years.  There are many different Profiles.  Please go to their website for more information.   There are Portland “leaders” that can give you Profiles.  Please contact me or the Wayshowers website for their contact information.


My perspective on Guides

Observation tells me that the longest standing communities on this Earth had a strong spiritual understanding and checked in with guides before doing just about anything; hunting, building cities, harvesting plants, healing the body.  It is only since this communication has been forgotten that our cultures have become unsustainable.

For me, learning to connect with ones guides is the most important thing we can do, for as we validate that within ourselves it will return the knowledge and balance to the culture and once again align us with the Earth. It is all frequency.  What we focus on puts us on a certain “radio station” where we have access to different information.  Guides come in on certain frequencies.  What we eat, think, speak, believe, imagine, focus on, all effect our frequency and therefore our lives.


While working with the Tarot, there was a point where I had to address the issue of Entities.  Doing readings brought me in contact with Entities attached to clients.  I also had to deal with the ones accessing myself  so I could be clear with what was coming through me while doing readings.   There are several types of discarnates which I will not get in to here.  The important thing for me, is to know whether thoughts and feelings I am experiencing are my own, someone else physically around me or someone not physically in form…aka discarnates.  Wayshowers developed a clear system to be used in each moment to identify where thought forms or feelings are coming from. They also provide in-depth healing sessions that can clear entities that may have been with you for lifetimes.

I do not think as a culture we realize the amount of non-physical interference we are subjected to, especially if we do not believe there is such a thing.  After years of self healing and reflection, I would not be able to do readings or enjoy the health and vitality I have at 50  if I had not unplugged other beings from my energy field.  I would not have been able to support their etheric forms along with my own.  Clarity on my direction in life was muddled by the desires of more than one soul.  It becomes more confusing when it seems beings are trying to be helpful.

If this information is new to you I recommend looking into it.  There are hundreds of articles on line about entity removal.  The skills I have acquired from Wayshowers allows me to be aware of when this is happening around me and how, most importantly,  to keep myself clear.  A lot of people I have known get cleared only to attract new attachments by not resolving in themselves the frequencies that are attracting  these kinds of issues.  Having skills yourself in this area teaches you discernment, helps you define who you really are (verses believing certain thought forms are a reflection of yourself)  and increases your ability to self heal.


Feel free to contact me regarding dates and times for local events, lectures and group work related to the Americana Leadership College. (Go to the link at the top of the page to contact Wayshowers directly)  My goal is to get enough people in the Portland area interested in this work so we can have weekly gatherings, fellowship and extended healing.