Frequency & Disease

The premise behind the spiritual roots of disease is that all things prior to materialization (low frequency density) start out in the non-physical, higher frequency realms.  Things come to us from the Astral Plane (non-physical density).  Our thought forms create things in the Astral.  If they are fed enough life force they will eventually materialize and come into awareness  of our sensory perception. (the frequency band that is available to our 5 senses).  This is where we have some control over our thoughts creating things.   All things vibrate at specific frequencies including the parts of out bodies.  Disease is an out of balance frequency.

Several books over the Centuries have been written on this topic, coming from every spiritual tradition.  There seems to be a consensus among the books I have read about how thoughts and beliefs effect the body.  This makes sense on a bio-chemical level. Similar emotions are triggered in each of us by certain beliefs.  Emotions trigger the release of neuro-transmitters and other chemicals from our endocrine system.  These chemicals effect our digestion, blood pressure, heart rate. hormone levels and hence our well being.   We all have our personal experience of this on a certain level…our stomach hurts when we are nervous or scared, we”swallow” our sadness when we try not to cry or believe we can’t say what we are feeling, our throat tightens.  Long term suppression of emotions creates long term stress in the body.  Therefore working with thoughts, beliefs and perspectives is a powerful way to create a healthy chemical cocktail in the body.  Some healing modalities that work with reframing our thoughts are as follows:

Tarot and Intuitive Readings help one see which thoughts and perspectives are creating imbalances.

NLP (Neuro Linquistic Programming) is great for helping one chose different language and redefine ones reality for more possibilities.

Hypnotherapy is great for reprogramming the unconscious to let go of habits and thoughts that no longer serve you.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is also effective for removing past programming and removing the emotional charge from your body’s grid system.

Obviously there are other frequencies that effect us all besides what comes to us via thought forms.  Light, sound, color, EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) cell phone towers, wireless communications, radio signals, electronic wires…etc..everything has a frequency…a measurable rate in Hertz..  Us humans have brought to the planet a change in the dominate frequencies that were here.  It is quite magical that at the same time these new inventions are bringing out of balance frequencies the emergence of energy medicine, although it has always been here, is finally being accepted by the cultures that are creating most of the imbalances.  This makes sense because a culture aware of the importance of everything’s vibrational rate would not create things that would disrupt the natural balance of life.

It is precisely this invisible medicine that can work with thee invisible out of balance frequencies.
Visualization and intent move energy around on the Astral, thus these techniques have the ability to clean and repair thought forms and restructure other energies prior to them coming into being part of our physical form.  Some healing modalities that work with these frequencies are:
  • Reconnection Healing,  Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Life Energy Testing, and hands on healing.  Homeopathic remedies. Flower essences and Acupuncture.

Something you can do on your own is to  write down negative beliefs and your personal life stories that have a big emotional charge and then find the other polarity of these stories.  Focusing the attention on the positive polarity, by law of attraction, will help bring in the desired outcome regardless of what exists in the physical at the moment.  Noticing what “is” creates more of what “is”.  Focusing on what we want to create forms “that” in the non-physical realms and leaves the blue print there for it to come into being.

I recommend the following books that have already done the research on finding which types of emotion effect which system in the body.

  • Louise Hays “You Can Heal your Life.”
  • Research William Rife and check out  Chelsae’s Sanctuary in Lafayette Oregon which has a bunch of frequency machines based on Rife technology,
  • Christian Theology: Cathrine Ponder “The Healing Secret of the Ages and Henry Wright ” A More Excellent Way”
  • Fredrick Bailes”Hidden Power for Human Problems

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