Divination Tools for Alignment with Source

If all of us traced our genetics back far enough we’d find an ancestral lineage that was living with an indigenous lifestyle.  As then, today’s indigenous peoples all live with a spiritual belief system and connect with consciousness beyond the third dimension for knowledge on how to move on this Earth plane.  This requires great reverence and humility.  Our technological culture is becoming ever so more aware of the imbalances created by a culture that ignores this wisdom.

Our blessing is that we have access to many traditions and tools for accessing Source Energy (God, The Grid, The Field, Akashic Records) and can find which ones resonate with our own spiritual path.  I look at it as if we are immersed in a maze and without the guidance of our higher self, who has access to Source, we are motivated only by our ego (Conscious Mind) and become entranced with momentary pleasures that we soon find unfulfilling.  We get lost and question the meaning of everything, the purpose of life, and the point of it all as we listen to the bigger problems of the world and find it all insurmountable.

This is the time to reconnect with Source, which see’s beyond the maze we are lost in and gets us on the path where our souls lessons and gifts can be shared and where we can participate in bringing this co-created culture back into alignment and balance with the natural world.  When operating in this mode things “feel” fulfilling and meaningful again.  When those empty times show up I see it as a message from Spirit that our attention is focused off our path, or stuck somewhere intriguing as if lost in a reflection.

The question is; How to “hear” Source amongst the din of our world?  One way is to return to the natural world without the sounds of entertainment or electronic devices.  Once we remove the man-made grid from our energy bodies we can get aligned to receive again.  There are many different ways for each of us.  Divination tools are an ancient and valuable resource for connecting the conscious mind with clear directions on what action to take based on what’s being experienced in the present.  I believe at one time we all had skills to read omens and receive knowledge in this way.  As we are all remembering the value of intuitive knowing, we are seeing an exponential increase in the use of Tarot, Intuitive Readings, Energy Work, I-Ching, Runes, Palmistry, Astrology, Channeling and the use of Plant Medicines.

As what we focus our Attention on comes more into “Being”, we learn from the “Law of Attraction” teachings how powerful Intention is.  The more we use these abilities (as with anything) the more they work, like a tunnel, when we first dig it, it is always caving in around us, dirt falls in and clutters up the passage. The more times through the tunnel the more the edges become smooth and solid, and the less clutter (or conscious thoughts) obscure the path.  A reading is a great place to start as it opens a door for you to see things regarding your life and where you are in the maze.  Operating from this view point changes our point of focus, it changes where our Intention and Attention are on the physical plane, and this starts to change our life and reinforce our tunnel.


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