Mission Statement

My vision is to reconnect people to the wisdom available by reconnecting to Source Energy, wisdom needed not only for our well-being but for the well-being of all living things. The Tarot is one of many tools that re-open this door. I encourage everyone to connect with a divination tool that attracts you and explore that path.

My intention with readings is to assist one in uncovering the foundational beliefs and thought forms that remain as challenges to ones evolution as a spirit. Together we work with questions that one has, and issues brought into awareness from the cards until we bring into consciousness what needs to be cleared and healed. Sometimes consciousness of belief patterns alone can do this. For long held issues I recommend Body work, Counseling, Message and Yoga as examples of complimentary healing modalities that can assist in healing the manifestations of powerful beliefs that are no longer serving ones growth.

I have studied metaphysics since I was 13 and apply the wisdom of the following topics to my work with the cards: Hermetics, Ethno-botany, NLP, Dreams, Yoga,Flower of Life and Sacred Geometry, Theology, Numerology, Astrology and Kabbalah as they relate to the Tarot, and the continuous learning available from all of Earths Indigenous Peoples, past and present.