Retaining Awareness Through These Energetic Life Changes

June 6, 2011

It seems how we are experiencing Time is changing. Whether or not this perception is caused by our own aging process (which naturally changes time for everyone), an increase in wireless communications, solar flares, radio active isotopes, magnetic grid changes, molecular changes (GMO’s, lack of mineral content, etc..)  in our food, air and water or a multitude of other prospects, it seems this experience is being validated collectively.

Ironically, the more present in the moment we are, the faster everything seems to go. People are experiencing going into trance states at random, running on auto pilot, and not remembering what they are doing.   If we can remain aware and witness what auto-pilot is doing we have a great feedback system to self observe.  We can watch to whom or what we are in reaction to and heal it.

We have all learned so many principles, we have understood the value of staying present in the moment, the quantum physics of Law of Attraction teachings, taking responsibility for our own states of health and using challenges as healing tools.  We understand this because we understand that everything is a frequency and whatever emotional, chemical state we are carrying will resonate with the same.

So what do we do when we find ourself behaving outside these principles, lost as  victims to seemingly over powering sets of circumstances, reacting to the dream, forgetting to apply what we have learned in the day to day experience?

Writing a daily reminder to read in the morning, to alert the piece of yourself that can be a witness is most helpful.  Something like:
“My day to day life is my feedback loop for me to reflect on what I have healed and to observe how much love I am capable of making available through the vehicle of my being in every situation.  I will observe all that happens and make adjustments so that each moment I can bring through a little more love somewhere.  Where am I still in reaction?  What is being reflected back to me through these situations?  Where in my body is there tension, heaviness, tightness, blocks in the flow of chi when I think about or re-experience a situation?  Which chakra is  the imbalance in?  What are the thought forms that trigger this sensation?”

Observing the physical sensation without judgment or more reacting actually starts to release the pattern.  The physical sensation has attracted the situation that is creating the thought and the emotion (although thoughts and emotion at one point created the physical sensation).  A wound will continue to attract to itself things that feed it.  As we stop reacting to the wound it will starve and dissipate, unable to exist in the higher frequency spectrum.

Having this sense of awareness makes the most mundane of tasks into a magically charged moment that contains infinite possibilities.  Every moment has the potential to blossom into a million potentials.  It is only our awareness, or lack of awareness, that leaves one witnessing the mundane, for that in itself is one of the potentials.

Knowing that everything is always influx, letting go of trying to “feel’ like “normal”, staying conscious that even though things may look the same right now, things are very different, and remembering each day is an opportunity to heal, raise frequency and bring more love will help us apply all the amazing teachings we now have been gifted with access to.  Our greatest gratitude would be to actually apply them, no matter where we are or what we are doing.

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