Acknowledgment of Cross Quarter Days

Four times a year, halfway between each Solstice and Equinox are 4 holidays known as Cross Quarter Days.  These come from Irish/Celtic tradition.   All but one have been renamed by our western Culture. We have just passed through  Feb 2 which is Imbolc, now Groundhog Day, which falls on the eve of the Chinese New year, (this year being the year of the Rabbit).   Imbolc is the pre coming of spring, where the first growth comes through the snow depending on one’s geographical location.  It is the feast day of St. Brigid, also known as Candlemas, an opportunity to honor the coming of the light.

The other three cross quarter days are:  May 1st, Beltane, (May Day), Aug. 1st Lammas, and on October 31st Samhain (Halloween).

I believe the more awareness we can gain about we larger cycles in which are a part, the less we will tread against the tide of the cosmic forces.  Earth and planetary rhythms are part of the Geometry that makes up the Universe.  Aligning our body consciously (our microcosmic fractal version of the universe) to the larger system allows us to access more energy and wisdom.  Think of the lay lines on the earth; the points where they cross are vortexes, power spots, and sacred sights.  I look at these seasonal rhythms as points where the lines cross in time.  Tracking the Moon cycles is also an interesting rhythm to notice, being the Moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth. The moon returns to the sign when we were born one time a month!  Search the web for gatherings associated with the upcoming cross quarter days in the Portland area, May 1st, Beltane or May Day is the nearest upcoming cross quarter day. Ritual and ceremony help us physically anchor and remember on a cellular level that we are part of this larger movement of the spheres! Blessings for the coming Spring.

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