I have studied metaphysics since I was 13 (1977) and apply the wisdom of the following topics to my work with the cards: Hermetics, Ethno-botany, NLP, Dreams, The philosophies of Yoga, Flower of Life Teachings and Sacred Geometry, Theology, Numerology, Astrology and Kabbalah as they relate to the Tarot, and the continuous learning available from the Spirit guides.  I started learning the Tarot specifically in 1999 and began readings for others in 2002.


I have  been the house reader at several metaphysical shops and in various event spaces. (Scroll the calendar on the events page to view locations)

I have also read Tarot for homeless and at risk youth from the state of Oregon through the non-profit Fuego ( and at “Outside In”, a youth homeless shelter in Portland Oregon. (  from 2004-2010. This has proved to be a well-received and useful medium in helping young people gain perspective on their life and their future.

From Sept 2010-Sept. 2011 I worked at a wellness center called “Sanctuary” 1536 NW 23rd Portland 97210 Sanctuary has now moved to SE Portland and is now called  called the “Angali Center.”

I do private readings and I am available for events.  (See the “Services” and “Events” page)

An Invitation to Therapists

I invite other practitioners  all kinds who are open to the possibility of mixing modalities to contact me in order to work together for the benefit of a client. For me it would work something like this:

A client has regular sessions scheduled with you. If at any point in the therapy the progress becomes stifled and things feels like they are not moving, a tarot reader could come in and do some work figuring out what issues are that are not being addressed. Tarot would be able to help find things not accessible in cognitive therapy. Please call me if you or someone you know might be interested in this.  I do regularly sent clients to body workers to release grief and entities.  If you have skills in this area, let me know.

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In: Tarot Divination  (Level 1),  Meta-Tarot Counseling (Level 2)  and Transformative Tarot Counseling (Level 3)


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